Goal Oriented Training in Theory


The EFDA Goal Oriented Training Programme in Theory shall train modellers (amongst others) to the most recent mathematical and numerical methods and best practice in the use of high performance computers as well as to the state-of-the-art theoretical models developed and applied by the fusion community.

Work Packages

The work of GOTiT (Goal Oriented Training in Theory) is performed in three work packages:
  1. The first work package (WP1: Mentored Training) covers 16 trainees together with their mentors at 6 institutes.
  2. The second work package (WP2: High Level Courses) covers specialized courses which are available to the trainees covered in WP1, but also to interested people in the entire Fusion program.
  3. The third work package (WP3: Monthly Seminar Series) is a broader outreach activity consisting of a monthly seminar given via a video-link on topics affecting the entire Fusion Modelling Community.


A calendar of events.